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The People Paper series incorporates photography, video, performance and poetry to explore the relationship between individuals and their unique interpretation of the human body. Through the act of writing poetry on people's bodies, I infuse myself, the artist, in each portrait, documenting an interactive moment of reflection. 

Olympia Is Over It
The Capacity to Heal
The Capacity to Heal
The Raven Sleep
A Raven Sleep
Drunk Stranger
Two Spirit In the Dark
Karen Final.png
The Reunion
Maria final.png
Eva Final.png
Kelsy Final.png
Ik'kiinapaaki Anam Cara.png
2.Angela Edited.png
The Peak Of Thirst
Janelle Final.png
Leonard Cohen.png
Alyah Final.png
Dawn Edited Complete.png
Mark People Final.png
Mindy Final.png
Rebecca Final .png
Andrew & The Giants Final Edit.png
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